On behalf of AKEL I address a warm, comradely and brotherly greeting to today's mobilisation against the neo-liberal policies of the EU.



On behalf of the General Council of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour PEO I welcome you to our meeting today which is aiming to express the opposition and resistance of the class-orientated trade union movement to the anti-worker and anti-popular schemes of the ruling circles of Brussels.


Dear Comrades, On behalf of the GUE/NGL I would like to salute you to this summit. It is today more important than ever to struggle together for the rights of working people , in an international level. The new context that globalisation and EU's enlargement created, consist a threat for the workers everywhere, as noeliberalism imposes the elimination of the rights that the working class has achieved through the years.


First of all we wish to express the thanks of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) but also of the European Regional Office (ERO) of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) to the hosts of this initiative for our presence and participation in this important meeting of the CUE Group.


WFTU: 70 years of action and struggles

1 MAY 2018