OSČMS against exploitation of both Czech and foreign employees in restaurants

Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia, Czech class trade union and the WFTU member organization, strongly protests against the conditions of Czech and foreign employees in a number of restaurants in Prague, especially against extreme exploitation in network restaurants, which boasts a huge range of services and luxurious surroundings, but offers its employees only contempt, exploitation and disregard for their fundamental legal rights, including the right to health and safety at work.

The arrogance of the owners of these companies and their managers lies in sowing the atmosphere of bullying, fear among employees and deliberately breaking their unity, in intimidating workers to raise their legitimate demands. This alarming problem concerns foreign workers, which are disgustingly disdained, prevented from accessing basic hygiene needs, and are subjected to arbitrary forms of discrimination with the certainty that the worker will not find the opportunity or courage to defend himself.

These cases where both Czech or foreign employees experience an illegal amount of overtime that threatens their own health, contempt for medical reports of their health status, or certificates of incapacity to work together with offensive behavior and a sense of helplessness against this dictate show a true business card 30 years of capitalism in the Czech Republic.

We speak not only of our criticism of the current alarming state of compliance with the provisions of the Labor Code of the Czech Republic and other laws, starting with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, in these workplaces, but we also say that we will fight these criminal methods just because of our class program and of course in our workers’ defense. until their complete destruction.

No social dialogue, no social compromise!

All for the benefit of the workers!

OSCMS Secretariat